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Opportunities at Captain AI

Captain AI is a young and ambitious maritime start-up aiming to develop the world’s first digital captain. Located at RDM Rotterdam, one of the coolest workplaces in the Netherlands, we are right in the middle of the biggest port of Europe. The unique location combined with the ambitious team makes for a unique and incredibly motivating setting.


Interested in working at Captain AI? We are looking for talented people with the following background (EU residents or EU working permit holders only)


Interested in an internship? We are looking for students (located in the Netherlands) in the following fields:

Systems & Control and Robotics

Systems & Control and Robotics

We are looking for students in this field in helping out by doing internships. Are you such a student and if you are interested in developing a dynamics model of a ship, doing motion, trajectory or path planning, please contact us. If you are just interested in what we do and want to see if there’s a possibility to try something related that you thought of that might benefit us as well, let us know! We are quite flexible when it comes to internships, and we might be able to work something out

This internship requires working on site at our office in Rotterdam.

AI and Computer Science

AI and Computer Science

In general we are looking for students that have a background in AI and Computer Science. We can work together with you, and possibly your professor, to find a suitable internship. Just send us a message to see what’s possible.

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