Opportunities at Captain AI

Captain AI is a young and ambitious maritime start-up aiming to develop the world’s first digital captain. Located at the RDM in Rotterdam, one of the coolest workplaces in the Netherlands, we are right in the middle of the biggest port of Europe. The unique location combined with the ambitious team makes for a unique and incredibly motivating setting.

Interested in an internship? We are looking for students (located in the Netherlands) in the following fields:
Maritime Engineering

Job description
Captain AI is working on the development of autonomous ships. We use AI to determine a safe path for the ship to travel. To do so we need to find out the right series of control commands to actually reach those waypoints. For this purpose we have a test vessel. You will be working on a dynamic model of one of these test vessels. Your work would be very important for our software stacks. First we test the work in a simulator, and if the job is done right, we will test it in the real world.

You will start as soon as possible, preferably in October already. How much you work per week is flexible. It is possible to work in one week for only one day and in the other for for instance three days. The most important demand is that you finish the project.

Skills needed
– You have good communication skills
– You have excellent math skills
– Advantage if you are a student of maritime technology/engineering. If not, you will need to have knowledge of a dynamic model for ships

This internship requires working on site at our office in Rotterdam.

Systems & Control and Robotics

We are looking for students in this field in helping out by doing internships. Are you such a student and if you are interested in developing a dynamics model of a ship, doing motion, trajectory or path planning, please contact us. If you are just interested in what we do and want to see if there’s a possibility to try something related that you thought of that might benefit us as well, let us know! We are quite flexible when it comes to internships, and we might be able to work something out

This internship requires working on site at our office in Rotterdam.

AI and Computer Science
In general we are looking for students that have a background in AI and Computer Science. We can work together with you, and possibly your professor, to find a suitable internship. Just send us a message to see what’s possible.

Interested in working at Captain AI? We are looking for talented people with the following background (EU residents or EU working permit holders only)
Senior AI Engineer

Function description

As a machine learning engineer we expect you to understand the problem we are trying to solve at a high level and come up with appropriate technical solutions. We value people who are able to iterate quickly, trying out a few solutions before settling on the best one given the time constraints. As a start-up we prefer having adequate solutions fast rather perfect solutions too late.

Any models you develop will be tested against a simulator that will give us a good insight if it has an added value to the complete pipeline


  • Come up with new machine learning models that will help extract high level information from noisy sensor input. A typical example includes detecting ships in radar or camera
  • Model traffic behaviour based on positions and sensor data
  • Apply transfer learning to models trained in simulation so that they become usable in the real-world
  • Construct models of a ship’s dynamics to improve our understanding of its effect on the environment and the path planning in particular


  • 3-4 years of experience working in a machine learning (or similar) role
  • Experience with developing, deploying and monitoring machine learning models
  • Experience with programming in Python
  • Experience with frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • MSc level in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics or relevant field
  • Basic knowledge of database tools such as SQL, etc.
  • Affinity with deep learning
  • Team player with excellent communication skills
  • Analytical thinking and pragmatic problem-solving capability
  • Able to communicate clearly, work independently and manage time
Python Developer

We offer an exciting position as a Python developer to help us achieve our goals. In this role, you will help develop the systems involved with achieving full autonomy on a ship. More specifically you will

  • Develop tools to evaluate and visualise an algorithm’s performance in the simulator and in the real-world
  • Develop visualisation tools for ship data such as radar, camera and other sensors. 
  • Develop tools to help acquire and label training data
  • Integrate and deploy deep learning models 
  • Develop data pipelines for training machine learning models
  • Develop and ship our product in the hands of our customers

Almost all of the work will be done in Python. Added bonus if you are familiar with Google Cloud Platform and with basic data engineering.

What We Offer

  • An ambitious and exciting start-up environment at RDM Rotterdam
  • Ability to work with cutting edge technologies
  • Provide a good learning environment about using deep learning at scale
  • Possibility to make an impact on society
  • A competitive salary

What We Expect

  • MSc. Computer Science or Mathematics or comparable studies
  • Ability to write well-documented, structured, clean code in Python
  • Ability to communicate well in English and/or Dutch
  • Experience with object-oriented programming
  • Practical knowledge of good software design practices 
  • Team-player when it comes to communication, but also independent problem solver

Must have

  • Coding experience in Python
  • Can produce well structured, clean, documented code
  • Independent (Creates personal action plans in accordance with team)
  • Get Shit Done mentality

Nice to have

  • Experience in Machine Learning or Data Engineering
  • Some front-end know how (JavaScript + frameworks like React or Angular)
  • Experience with Cloud Services (GCP, AWS)
  • DevOps
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