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Captain AI Lookout

The maritime collision warning system

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An extra pair of eyes on the water

Captain AI Lookout isn’t just another collision warning system—it’s your digital watchkeeper. Captain AI Lookout examines radar data to spot ships, figure out their size, movement and even intentions. Lookout gives instant updates and sound and visual alerts to ensure you’re ready for anything, at anytime. With Captain AI Lookout by your side, navigation has never been safer.

The safest way to sail

Captain AI Lookout combines Captain AI’s Radar Tracker and AIS to notify the captain of any ship in it’s path. How it works

The easiest way to manage your fleet

Fleet operators can use Captain AI Cloud to access their vessels in realtime, customise alerts and playback incidents

Fits any vessel

Captain AI Radar Tracker Computer


  • Captain AI Lookout works on any vessel and only requires Captain AI Radar Tracker Computer
  • Captain AI Lookout can be integrated with open array radars and dome radars from Furuno and Simrad radars
  • Captain AI Lookout makes use of the Furuno SCX-21 Satellite Compass or similar compatible compasses
  • Captain AI Lookout is compatible with multi-function displays from Simrad, Furuno and Seatronx displays
  • Captain AI Lookout is compatible with multiple sound systems, including JL Audio

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