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3D bounding box detection with Generative AI

By 11/03/2024March 21st, 2024News, Technology

Captain AI and VSTEP Simulation are revolutionizing Maritime Machine Vision by leveraging the Nautis simulator alongside Generative AI to generate infinite datasets for Machine Vision AI models! This collaboration combines VSTEP’s state-of-the-art simulation capabilities with Captain AI’s expertise in autonomous navigation and situational awareness, overcoming the traditional data collection methods’ limitations such as stereo cameras and LiDAR. While these methods are effective, they often incur high costs, complex setups, and fail to fully capture critical edge cases.

This breakthrough is a significantly more cost-effective and scalable alternative to real world data collection. “We’re pioneering a method for generating accurate 3D spatial data for single-view cameras” said the CTO Gerard Kruisheer “setting a new benchmark for efficiency and simplicity in data collection”. This advancement will underpin Captain AI’s cutting-edge 3D bounding box detection model which is currently under development and promises to be future foundation of maritime safety and operational intelligence.