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A new intelligent Decision Support Tool for VTS Personnel

By 07/04/2021News

The Port of Rotterdam sees 1 million ship movements in their port every year and it is expected this number will increase significantly the coming years.

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Personnel is responsible for the coordination of ships within the port. They work to avoid collisions or incidents by managing movements from a port control center. To help them meet this goal VTS Operators are well versed in the use of Vessel Traffic Management systems. However, current management systems still require a lot of manual input and experience from the VTS operator and with the increase of traffic going through the port, a new intelligent Decision Support Tool is needed to handle these events safely.

In this presentation for the IALA task group Decision Support Tools (DST) for VTS Personnel, Captain AI presented a novel approach in how to calculate and present Closest Point of Approach (CPA). All paths can be generated in real time with our path planning algorithm by knowing or predicting the destination of all the vessels. This makes it possible to calculate and predict possible collisions in time and gives the VTS operator sufficient time to intervene.

In the next phase we will integrate our solution with real time information from the Harbour Master Information System, with the end goal to enhance the situational awareness for the VTS operators and making shipping even more safe and efficient in the Port of Rotterdam.

The pilot project was developed on behalf of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.