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Captain AI continues pushing the development of autonomous shipping in times of corona virus

By 02/05/2020January 15th, 2021News

Captain AI continues pushing the development of autonomous shipping even in times of quarantine due to the corona virus.

In this video we show the automated connection between harbor dispatching and operations software and Captain AI’s Autopilot. Making live easier for both the planner and captain.

Optimized scheduling of the vessels is done by the planning software and routes are automatically generated by Captain AI, comparable to a Google Maps for waterways.

On the vessel the captain will get a notification with the suggested route and can choose to accept it. The captain can then engage Autopilot and from that point on Captain AI’s software will autonomously sail to its destination avoiding obstacles along the way.

Due to the quarantine we currently do not have access to the RT Borkum from Kotug, but we do have access to the virtual vessel in Nautis, a maritime simulator from our investor Vstep. Thanks to the physics engine the virtual vessel acts and reacts similar to the real vessel.

Atlantis is our visualisation tool, showing the captain what route the vessel is following and what objects are detected. New routes are calculated in real time to avoid these obstacles.

The software we are using in the simulator is exactly the same as we would use it on the real vessel. The simulator is therefore a perfect tool to continue development from our homes until we can get back to testing in the real world!