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Periskal and Captain AI join forces for groundbreaking innovation in European inland shipping

By 16/05/2023May 28th, 2024Radar Tracker Use Cases

Launch of the world’s first AI-based radar tracker for advanced navigation and collision avoidance, a further step towards (semi-)autonomous sailing.

Captain AI - Periskal - Deep radar tracker - ECDIS viewer

Rotterdam, 16 May 2023 – Periskal, Europe’s largest player in River Information Services and navigation software, and Captain AI, a pioneer in autonomous marine technology, today announced their collaboration to launch an innovative radar tracker based on Artificial Intelligence. This cooperation marks an important step forward in improving the safety and efficiency of European inland shipping. It is also an important step in the further evolution towards (semi) autonomous sailing.

Captain AI’s AI-powered radar tracker can be easily integrated into Periskal’s existing navigation systems, such as the Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer. This groundbreaking product offers advanced collision detection and improved warnings for skippers, enabling them to react in a timely and accurate manner to dangerous situations around the ship. This is possible by converting the classic radar image to a synthetic variant in which artificial intelligence takes care of the translation into recognizable objects such as ships with course and heading.

Marc Persoons, CEO of Periskal, emphasizes the benefits of this collaboration: “The integration of the AI-driven radar tracker into our existing navigation systems enables us to offer systems that enable a further form of automation in shipping, including proposing of course changes to an (Argonics/Alphatron) Trackpilot. In the first phase, it will concern recommendations that can lead to autonomous navigation in the future, whether or not under the control of a shipping supervisor on shore. This collaboration with Captain AI enables us to offer our customers the most advanced technologies for inland navigation.

Vincent Wegener, CEO of Captain AI, comments: “Our radar tracker uses advanced AI technology to improve the navigation experience for skippers. By joining forces with Periskal Group, an established market leader in navigation software, we are convinced that we offer the European inland navigation sector a revolutionary solution for safer and more efficient navigation.”

This collaboration between Periskal and Captain AI marks the beginning of a new era in advanced navigation and safety for European Inland shipping. For thousands of professional users, this innovative radar tracker will provide an even safer and more efficient shipping experience.

About Periskal Group:

Periskal Group is a leading player in River Information Services and navigation software for European inland shipping, fishing, coastal shipping, and recreational boating. Founded in 1990, with more than 14,000 professional users and thousands of recreational boaters, Periskal offers a wide range of navigation systems, such as Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer, Periskal RadarOverlay, PC-Navigo from Noordersoft, and Chartworx products under the brand names TheMAP, TRAX, and Quodfish. More information about Periskal Group can be found at

About Captain AI:

Captain AI is an innovative start-up focused on the development of software and algorithms for autonomous shipping technology. The company offers advanced solutions, such as the AI-driven radar tracker, enabling navigation and control of ships by a digital captain. Captain AI is committed to transforming the shipping industry with groundbreaking AI technologies. More information about Captain AI can be found at