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Captain AI Radar Tracker

The essential API for safe maritime operations

Vessel & bridge detection and tracking
Consistent track ID assignment
Dimension & velocity filters
⁠⁠GNSS integration
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The future of radar tracking
is AI

Maritime navigation has become more complex due to increased ship density. Where conventional radar trackers fall short, Captain AI Radar Tracker excels, using AI to filter out clutter, echoes, and occlusions for clear, real-time detection and tracking. This ensures accurate and reliable collision warnings and collision avoidance, significantly enhancing maritime safety and autonomous operations. Seamlessly integrating with major radar brands Captain AI Radar Tracker is a versatile and essential component for modern maritime system integrators

Improved safety starts with
better detection software

In cluttered maritime environments, Captain AI Radar Tracker offers unparalleled precision, ensuring accurate tracking even when ships navigate under bridges or through bustling ports—situations where conventional radar trackers often fail.

Learn how Captain AI Radar Tracker works


Unique AI features that are not possible with current rule based solutions

  • Accurate ship localization
  • Course & heading detection
  • Tracks visible and occluded ships
  • Filters false detections
  • Ship profiling
  • Over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance existing ones

No more tuning

Captain AI Radar Tracker Dev Kit

Effortless Integration and Installation

Captain AI Radar Tracker API integrates seamlessly with major radar brands for both retrofits and new vessels. The setup is straightforward, allowing you to transform your current radar system into a state-of-the-art situational awareness tool with minimal effort and cost.

Captain AI Radar Tracker API extracts its data by using advanced image processing and video analysis techniques to interpret radar reflections, identifying ships and their movements. The output is a continuous TCP stream of JSON objects containing data on all observed ships and their characteristics. This output is transmitted at the same frequency as the radar. The information includes the ships’ relative positions to the radar, their absolute geographic coordinates, and various statistics such as speed, size, and direction.

The Captain AI Radar Tracker Dev Kit consists out of a Nvidia Orin with the Captain AI Radar Tracker software pre-installed.

Use cases

See how Periskal uses Captain AI Radar Tracker in their ECDIS viewer

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